Friday, August 10, 2012

Lets just build something, shall we?

There is a ton that we should talk about before we get to a serious house.  But, I think that if we just forge ahead, we can do a little, or in this case a not so little project to get started.  We can discuss new issues as they arise, and perhaps that is the fastest way to learn.  I think we should start with the little woodland pavilion.  This would be a great start for someplace to sleep while getting your real house together or a place to store tools while you work on other projects.  It could be a little poet's house, where you could write or draw, or even make music in privacy.  It could be a romantic woodland bedroom, with a large branch hanging from the ceiling, wrapped with Christmas lights to be a chandelier.  Put a lovely canopy bed out there with candle sconces on all the walls or on candle stands like 250 years ago, or put all you need for a simple lifestyle- get away from it all for the summer(or winter) or the school year away at university.  It could also be a place to get your kid out of your house because all he wants to do is sit and play video games at full volume.
I will make a plan that will have three variations.  In one there will be a window on the side and back walls and a glass door on the front.  In the second, you can put a stationary window in the back, like a salvaged church window, or modern stained glass panel.  In the third, there will be just a plain solid wall to place a bookcase or headboard against.
Thomas Jefferson lived in a similar sized house on his Monticello for a couple of years while he built his famous mansion there.  I have no idea where he stored his electronic equipment, but surely you can find a way with all our modern advances.  He installed a tiny spiral staircase in one corner to access the basement which, since it was built on a slope, was a daylight walkout.  But he brought his wife to live in this tiny space.  If he could stand it,(or perhaps the better phrase is: if she could stand it.... so can you. 

 Take a look at this tiny house on Youtube:

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