Saturday, April 6, 2013

French Inspiration

Well....What can I say.  It is sitting in a field, and if someone buys it, it will likely be surrounded by a dozen houses in ten years, but is is not sublime.
Of course it will take tons of money to restore, but the walls are sound.  All it really needs is plaster and a new roof.  I can see using this little gem as a summer house, surrounded by gardens, and inside, just candles or oil lamps with old comfortable furniture from flea markets. 
In some houses of this period, all they do is put regular bricks or the big square bricks that look like tiles on the ground inside for a floor. You just wax the bricks to seal them after brushing sand into the gaps  to make them stable. You just turn them over when they get dirty.
Hedges along the property lines, except for a gap where the view is best.  Dogwoods. cherries and apples punctuate the hedges, a wisteria covered pergola with a slate floored patio in the back where the outdoor kitchen stands.
Of course one needs a cellar for the local wine and cider.
Believe it or not, this is in central Brittany, France, and is only twenty-two thousand Euros.

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