Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Choose From So Many Options!

There has been some hype on Youtube and in a number of other places about the Tiny House Movement.
This is an idea whose time has come.  I have been writing bits and pieces about this for some time but now my circumstances have changed and I am in the position that I have to find a place to live in this Neo-America of ours.
A few months ago my husband died.  John provided a good portion of our income.  We had a nice house together, here in southern Massachusetts, but with only one income and even with room mates, I just cannot afford it anymore.  Thankfully, I am close to retirement age.  I could retire in January, though it is unlikely since the payments will be small.  But, it does give me some freedom to make decisions.  I could move into a small apartment or a room.  That would eat up income.  I could move to Italy where life will be cheaper...maybe later.  But, though I cannot retire, I can build a tiny in it till I retire on leased land, and them move my little palace to Maine to be near my sister.
I have been fascinated with the options available. 
The commonly seen Tiny House is a little too cut up for me.  It seems to me that it only accentuates the tiny-ness of the space.  It is a good option for many though.  I like a 210 square foot modern style house that has been on Youtube, but it is a little too clean lined for me.  Its wide open interior seemed more like a space that would not creep up on you in time.
But, then I looked at Gypsy Vardos or Caravans...wonderful...charming...romantic...little floor space and very difficult to keep painted properly...  too ornate, but what a hoot to drive through my home town in!
Then I noticed Shepherd's Huts on Youtube and on the Internet.  These would be just right for me.  They have more open floor space per square foot than the Gypsy version, are simple to construct...I do not plan to drive the thing around the country...just live in it, then move it once to Maine and build a studio or a second cottage.  I could build it on skids instead of cartoon worthy wheels...and that is probably a cheaper option, but not so romantic.
They have much of the romance of the Gypsy Caravan, but the simple construction and exterior would be easier to keep up.
So, I have decided to take action.
I have pre-ordered some of the interior appointments to force me to get going and not turn back.  I have begun getting estimates for the chassis.(I have decided to put it on my own frame rather than a trailer so I do not have to contend with the wheels and because there just are not too many trailers available that are the right size and shape.)   I encourage anyone to do this on a used, salvaged or new trailer bed, but it just did not suit me.
I will try to make the instructions apply to all types of foundation in this blog.
So, a Shepherd's Hut it is.  See the picture(thanks Wikipedia) am I right...cartoon wheels, Right!

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