Monday, June 17, 2013

I Cannot Resist.

OK...I tried to resist, but here is the joke I wanted to has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog, but since I mentioned it in the last post, I will tell it just the same. 
This was one of those Peter Schikle(sorry for the spelling) moments as PDQ Bach. 
Try to find this if you can.
I was driving between Bath and Brunswick, Maine when I heard this on the Radio. I had to pull over to the side of the road to avoid hitting other cars.
The twenty minutes or so was in the form of an opera by PDQ Bach, and of course, I cannot do that for you here.  So...I will just tell the underlying joke.
There was a soprano..a tenor...a basso profundo(the Cop) etc...
Basically, there was this aquarium.  There was a class of 7th graders coming to see the aquarium, and the dolphins were misbehaving, having constant sex in their pool.
The director of the aquarium(the Soprano I think) said that they had to do something about stop the sex before the 7th graders arrived. 
Meanwhile, an announcement comes over the radio or something that a lion has escaped from a State owned zoo.  It has been drugged by a dart but is at large and may be dangerous.
A consultant is called in, who says that the only way to stop the sex is to throw baby sea gulls to the dolphins. 
Soooo...they send a zoo worker down through the deep dark woods to the beach to collect the sea gulls.
He walks down the path through the woods and finds a number of baby gulls.  He fills a sack with them and starts back up the path toward the aquarium.
As he climbs back up to the aquarium he sees a lion sleeping across the pathway with a tranquilizer dart stuck in him.
Not knowing what to do, he pauses, then steps quietly over the lion and continues up the path.
At that moment, a hand reaches out of the woods and grabs the worker.  An Aria, sung by the cop/basso profundo is supported by a complex several line contrapuntal chorus all of whom sing the final line over a period of a couple of minutes.
You are under arrest..under arrest..UNDER ARREST...etc.  States the cop.
The worker asks what he us being charged with...
The entire company joins in with...Are you ready?

You are under arrest for transporting young gulls across a state lion for immoral porpoises.

I could not control myself for a number of minutes after loses something not being sung in several parts!

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