Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Colonial Style Chandelier

Back in the late 80s I think, the tree that stood outside the back door of our house in Houlton, Maine, a huge solitary oak, got some kind of bug infestation.  I am not sure what it was, nor am I sure that it was dangerous to the tree.  But, I came home one day and it was gone.  That tree that had a huge branch over the driveway and had a big tire swing in it.   My friend almost lost an eye swinging in it one time, and she was never allowed to come back, but we had never ending fun with it, along with a number of other friends. 

I was devastated when it was gone!  But Dad, Paul McLaughlin, my stepfather, had a lathe in the basement.  I stood at his shoulder, and we turned the center column out of a piece of that tree...I think it may have been from the branch with the swing, but I cannot remember.  It followed a colonial Design, that I was very much into at the time, as I owned a mid 18th century house in Wiscasset, Maine

I had the iron forged for the candle arms and hanging bars...then when they did not really fit well, I made my own in my spare time at King's Landing, where I occasionally blacksmithed as a relief person a few weeks in the summer.
I decided they would be a good addition to the Shepherd's Hut, so here it is on trial while I finish the interior.
Meanwhile, I finished the frames for the display cases on each side of the bed alcove, as you can see in the top picture.

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