Monday, September 14, 2015

The French Lieutenant's Woman

Here is the address for a clip from "The French Lieutenant's Woman".  There are several related clips that will show this room as well. This room was the inspiration for the interior of the Shepherd's Hut.  As I got deeper into it, I realized that there was going to be less and less wall space than I wanted, but it still inspires the paneling with moulding battens and the white, though there will be blue and even a couple of spots of yellow or apricot to warm it up.  The loft will also be white, but I have a blue and white floral coverlet for the bed. 
When I looked at this film, I rhapsodized over the space with its simple white walls and woodwork.  Then I realaized that it was done in 19th century northern England, and I could not even imagine all that white in cold, damp England.  When I applied the white in the tiny house, I purchased a white that had a bit of orange in it.  The color will be barely perceptable if at all, but the bit of warm color will help a lot.
Whites with yellow, pink, orange and violet will help to warm a space a bit.  Greens, blues and lavenders will cool a space a bit.  Beige is almost always slanted toward these colors as well, and can affect the feeling of warmth or coolness in a space.
Much as I love wood, be very careful about having a space in all wood tones, because they can seem very claustrophobic.

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