Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nearly Finished Walls, Window Trim Inside and Out.

The stained glass windows are all English antiques with the exception of the lower level in the next two pictures.  It came from southeastern Massachusetts.

 This is just a Home Depot single hung double glazed window.  I just had to be practical with at least one window.  I can always replace it later.  I have tons of scraps of stained glass from the 18th and 19th centuries.  I can have them placed into a simple rectangular or diamond grid glass window later.
The interior wall sheathing was 1/4 inch hardwood veneered plywood.  Ply increases stability and racking.  This is also a great paintable surface.  I like wood...good wood, but the amber tones of wood make the space shrink.  You may be able to see the rows of screws that run along the wall studs.  These will be covered by moldings and the entire interior painted white or a pale pastel to give the space a boost.  Warm colors advance...amber, red, browns etc all advance to your eye.  Cool colors recede, blue being the best...just not too dark.  Just go somewhere that you have a long view some nice or bad day.  You will notice that trees and hills in the distance have a distinctly bluer cast than those that are closer.  Also those distant colors are whiter than the closer colors. The blues and whites trick your eye into seeing SPACE.

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