Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The windows, except for the main one in the living space are all English from houses built in the North of England from the 1880s to the 1920s...I like the colors in most, but it came down to style, and the more Art Deco styles were just not for me.  I am replacing some frames with Oak, cut by me to hold double panes, and those that are in good condition will get a restoration, and a panel of Plexiglas screwed over them to protect and for added insulation value.
 This was too DECO for me.
This will be in the bed area on the bottom.
  This too was too DECO for the front of a Caddie or Chevy.

This one will go in the front door, just a bit more Art Nouveau.

This will be over the kitchen sink, again more Art Nouveau

This will be in the loft bedroom.... curvy.  It reminds me of a Lady's Slipper or a Japanese Iris or  even an Orchid.  Some people look at this and immediately see a bird with a big blue moustache...I suppose that since it is in an area that might appeal to children, seeing funny things in it will be good.
This one does not belong to me.  I thought long and hard about it, and I really loved it.  Now I kick myself every time I look at the picture, realizing that it was not really all that much money in the grand scheme of things.  Damn!!!
At least it is not a copyrighted pattern, so with this picture I can make one for my studio when I build it.
Windows like this are readily available on line at specialty sites, on EBay and similar sites, or in salvage yards across the country.
Stained glass is inherently drafty.  Whiting is rubbed into the joints between the glass and lead to help to fill the gaps, but invariably, this works its way out.  A good solution is to put a layer of glass or Plexiglas outside to cut drafts and other weather issues.  Make sure that these can be removed easily to be able to sop up condensation or to do other repairs.

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