Monday, September 14, 2015

I Painted the Main Room Lower Level Today

As usual, it says one coat, you pay extra for it, and it does not cover in one coat. 
This looks white, but it is a very----very pale orange. 
Much of the decoration in the space will have blue in it, and the alcove will be blue, so the complementary color in the white just seemed to make sense to warm up the white a little.
This corner will have a screen and behind it the composting toilet. 
The ceiling will be wood patterned when I am done, but it will be washed with a thin white and wiped off so the color will not be too oppressive. (Pickled)
This corner will have a simulated Welsh cupboard to hold all the kitchen equipment, and the gas stove will be at the far right.

The inside of the cabinets will be either a sunny pale yellow, or a strong apricot, again a complimentary color to go with so many blues.  Yellow is not a compliment, but with a red carpet added(the only carpet I have that will fit) it will make another color system of three primaries if I decide to use it.  The red carpet will not go quite as well with the apricot, but I may have to suffer. 

In this photo the stove will be at the extreme left.  The dining table will pull out of a slot at the right, between the cabinets.  "At present, I have very few pieces of quality tools, so the table top will be five boards of Bird's Eye Maple, with a little spline between them.  Later, if I have access to a jointer, I can glue them up into a single unbroken piece.

I think I have decided to leave the baseboards low like this.  That will reflect the narrow boards in all the other woodwork, and will not take up any visual space.  The cabinet doors have been removed while I paint.  All the lower spaces will be covered.  No wood will show. 

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